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the convicts. Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp History. Exploring Sachsenhausen, during the visit to the Concentration Camp, you will visit all the areas that were most used by the Nazis and Soviets. Constructed in 1936, at the height of the Summer Olympics in Berlin, the Sachsenhausen concentration camp became a training center for Schutzstaffel officers. A Berlin to Sachsenhausen tour is an eye-opening experience. Most of Sachsenhausen is wheelchair accessible. The library and archive are open Tuesday through Friday, while the open-air exhibits and memorial are open daily. The Camp was used to lock vegane restaurants wuppertal und umgebung Nazi prisoners and political prisoners who did not agree with the Soviet Union ideals and other many who were arbitrarily detained. Discover all about the. Executions began shortly after the commencement of World War II, when Soviet prisoners of war and Jewish inmates began to fill the site.

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Sachsenhausen Camp Memorial Tour, lying just outside Berlin, Sachsenhausen was the first purpose-built camp established under Heinrich Himmler. In August 1945, Sachsenhausen became a Soviet Special Camp. Just mail with any questions! Otto-Braun-Straße 65, 10178 Berlin, we suggest bringing a bit of food or something to snack on, as there is little available once at the camp. Three months after World War II ended, when Europe was finally free from the intimidation of the Nazis, the Soviet secret service moved the Soviet Special Camp.7. The prisoners were tortured and killed without any mercy. However, in the following years, the Nazis put away anyone they believed to be racially or biologically inferior.