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a local line coming from Braunschweig and passing the other train stops of Salzgitter. Beside Wolfsburg, Leverkusen and Eisenhüttenstadt, Salzgitter is therefore one of the few cities in Germany founded during the 20th century. Due to the large iron ore body in Salzgitter, which had been mentioned first in 1310, the National Socialists founded the " Reichswerke Hermann Göring " for ore mining and iron production in 1937. On the red ground behind the furnace, there are two wheaten ears. Rekomenduojami viebuiai, k tik usakyta, k tik irta kit Agoda keliautoj, salzgitter-Bad lankytinos vietos. Until 1942 the contemporary quarter Salzgitter-Bad and from 1942 on the Independent City Watenstedt-Salzgitter and Salzgitter respectively. In 1936, Kniestedt was incorporated; it is also part of Salzgitter-Bad now. Salzgitter-Ringelheim's station is located on the Halle (Saale) line.

Media edit In Salzgitter, the daily newspaper Salzgitter-Zeitung and the Sunday newspaper Salzgitter-Woche am Sonntag are published. In order to facilitate an unobstructed development of the smelting works, a unique administration structure in the whole area was conceived. Roman Catholics who after the Reformation moved into the city belonged, as in the Middle Ages, to the diocese of Hildesheim, which established a separate deanery in Salzgitter. For education outside school, there is the Volkshochschule Salzgitter with sites in Salzgitter-Bad and in Salzgitter-Lebenstedt. The monument tells about the suffering of the forced workers and Nazi concentration camp prisoners while building up industry during the national socialism, about the flight from home beyond the rivers Oder and Neisse, about the fight against the removal of the iron works and.