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setting an unstable monarchy. An intimate portrait of the kings of the House of Hanover. Despite the somewhat misleading title, these are the memoirs of English writer Horace Walpole, who lived during the reign of George II and wrote about political events of his time. All held the title Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg.

Dominion: The History of England From the Battle of Waterloo to Victoria's Diamond Jubilee by Peter Ackroyd. Albert taught Victoria the need for hard work if she was to make her views felt in the cabinet, and during the prince's lifetime Victoria did, by insistently interjecting her opinions, force the ministers to take them into account. Using medical texts, trial records, pamphlets, autobiographies, novels, dress fashions, and more, this book reveals the 18th-century stereotype of female purity and passivity which was to be inherited by the Victorians. The House of Hanover. The Hanoverians: The History of a Dynasty by Jeremy Black.